Thursday, May 24, 2012

Proposals Gone Right: The One That's Short & Sweet

By now you know that if I could, I would sit through hour-long proposal scenes for some of my favorite characters. Why yes, keep going on about how you two characters are perfect for each other and I'll just sigh/smile into my pillow. Naturally, one could conclude that I'm not the biggest fan of one line proposals. That is... unless they are delivered by Tom Hiddleston. In which case: WOOHOO!!!!! I don't need much beyond Tom Hiddleston's melodious voice saying, "Will you marry me?" except maybe a molten chocolate I.V. to help me fully recover.
Ahhhhhdlkjfslkdjflskdjlsj!!!!!!!!!! Lurching trains FTW!
In Return to Cranford, he plays William Buxton, a young man of good fortune who has recently returned home to Cranford. While his father is occupied trying to match him up with his lively cousin, he is falling for her gentle friend, the less well-off Peggy Bell. She is often bullied into doing things she doesn't wish to by her brother and mother, but as her friendship with William and his cousin, Erminia, grows, so does her independence. William feels the pressure from his father to cast his dreams of the railroad aside and become a politician, but he too gains strength from his blossoming friendship and attraction to Peggy. Drawing out their true characters, the two really begin to shine and are powerless to stop what comes next when they find themselves alone in a car on the train's first test run...

As I said, blink and you'll miss the proposal. To really soak it all in (and yes, by that I mean all of Hiddles' heart-zapping faces), start in at about 8:00 (though the event itself isn't until 11:25).

William: Peggy Bell.
A name change suddenly sounds so glorious...
Peggy: Yes?
William: I love you. Will you please be my wife?
ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!! WANT!!!!!!!!!! *GRABBY HANDS* YOUR VOICE! *FAINTS*

Now before any of you start moaning about how short it was (because I warned you) or how maybe I'm just biased because it's coming from Hiddles (I do not deny it), let's just take a look at the whole scene in general. Some of Cranford's most beloved inhabitants are getting a sneak peek at what's to come with the railroad and they are dubious to say the least, even if they're in a first class car. William joins Peggy alone back in second class, which is in-your-face symbolic for the choice he's about to make; he pays no heed to class divisions where love is concerned. As the train gathers speed, Peggy stands to see if she can balance on her own (because she's an independent woman and très awesome), but it lurches and they immediately grab each others' hands. THE SYMBOLISM IS KILLING ME RIGHT NOW! IS IT KILLING YOU TOO?! They welcome change, push and encourage each other, I just- I just- *heart-clutch*! Not to mention the fact that both have recently lost a parent and have not quite been themselves. Then they met and became solid ground for the other and this visual is just too perfect for them.
A moment later, she lets go, but he accidentally pulls off one of her gloves in the process. DEATH BY SYMBOLISM AND PROXIMITY. MY HEART CANNOT DEAL WITH THESE VICTORIAN ALLUSIONS!!! Gloves can represent any number of things including class, decorum, and even sexuality (it's a big deal when John keeps Meg's glove in Little Women for a reason, people!). So... make your own conclusions! He may have stolen her glove, but this moment where she frees herself up to be exactly who she is exposes his heart. I mean, LOOK AT HIS FACE!!! He's not even aware of the glove in his hand because he's completely mesmerized by her. The train stops, the journey is complete, and he can finally say what he must. The proposal may be brief, but at the same time... there's just something about a man who can articulate exactly what he wants in what is undoubtedly the perfect moment.

On a scale of meh to ZOMG! *GRABBY HANDS*, I give this one an 'I mean... YES *faints*!' I love the idea of a guy being so caught up in a moment that he can't help asking. He's had no time to plan out an elaborate affair or get lost in what kind of flowery language he might use. He doesn't find the perfect moment, it finds him. It's simple, straight to the point, and gosh darn romantic!


  1. We're going to need our future husbands to watch make their way through this series to make sure they get it right. I don't NEED an elaborate proposal, just some glove stealing, proximity, and perhaps a searing kiss. Is that too much to ask?

  2. PROXIMITY!!!!!!!!!!!! PROXIMITY WITH HIDDLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!