Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

So adorable!
I was fortunate enough to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and I was so excited since it was a limited release!  I can't tell you the last time I've seen such a charming, moving, well-cast film.  It's about appreciating the love you have, being open to finding love in unexpected places, finding things you thought you lost, and learning to love things you once feared.

Let's start with Dev Patel.
I love him so so much, and he will win over anyone in this film.  His character, Sonny, is big-hearted dreamer that you can't help but cheer for.  Although, there are times when you want to shake him and tell him to ignore his mom and confess his love to his lady fair.  Not to give too much away (not that it's not obvious from the beginning), they do end up riding into the sunset together.
super jealous
Graham Dashwood, played by Tom Wilkinson, is drawn to India to reconnect with his past and seek reconciliation with a secret love.  He must come to terms with the regret and guilt he has carried for decades.  
Muriel Donnelly goes to India for surgery, but she is the most racist woman on the planet.  Maggie Smith gives a very convincing and moving performance as you watch Muriel slowly learn to love everyone around her and choose to live a happy life.  
My two favorite story lines are closely intertwined, and the fact that it's the one with the incredible Judi Dench and the brilliant Bill Nighy is a huge plus.  Evelyn Greenslade recently lost her husband and has chosen to move to India to start over.  She has no support from her son and no money, so she gets a job at a telemarketing company to teach the staff how to talk to old people.  She is absolutely brilliant and is loved by her co-workers.
I want to be her
Douglas Ainslie is the gentlest, kindest man, and he is unfortunately married to a horrible cow of a woman.  His wife refuses to leave the hotel and begrudges Douglas his expeditions and joy.  He finds a similar need to explore India in Evelyn, and they become good friends.  
I just want to share all the glorious details of this fantastic film, but I can't ruin it for you all.  You have to promise to see it!  

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  1. I saw this awhile back and absolutely loved it. It's so vibrant. And I left the cinema with a bit of a crush on Mr. Nighy >.<