Tuesday, June 5, 2012


You'd be hard pressed to find a more gorgeous on-screen vampire than Alexander Skarsgård. (Okay, we might have to call it a tie between him and Ian....) He's just so tall and handsome and look at those blue eyes! Plus he's Swedish! Hello! You know I have a thing for foreign guys. A lethal combination! I think, though, it's his turn as the viking vampire Eric Northman that ultimately wins one over. Because when it comes to vampires, Eric is ancient, and he's pretty lethal. So Alex has somehow done the near impossible, and when you look into his eyes, on-screen, you can see that he's been around for millennia and he's done and seen things that most beings couldn't make it through. That's why we congratulate him today, because not only is he a beautiful face, but a damn good actor who has managed to take one of my favorite literary vampires and do him justice! Give me tall, blond, and sexy over sparkly any day. 

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  1. And can we talk about his voice because OMG!!!!! I just... aheee... Eric Northman is the best vampire EVER thanks to him and I can't wait to see what happens this season. Oof! ILOVEHIMSOMUCHICAN'TEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pshhht! I love me some Damon, but he ain't got NOTHIN' on Eric. HE. IS. SO. BEAUTIFUL. I'd ask how he's even human, but obviously he's a vampire IRL...