Tuesday, June 19, 2012



Imagine my surprise in finding, during a casual perusal of all the Congrats we've done so far, that we have yet to mention Chris Hemsworth. WHAT IS WRONG WITH US???? I shall have to remedy this immediately, because I don't know if y'all have noticed, but HELLO, GORGEOUS CHRIS HEMSWORTH IS GORGEOUS. When he's not on-screen fighting with one of our other favorite fictional boyfriends, he's looking rather manly saving the somewhat annoying girl that I refuse to name on this blog. Perhaps it's the way he talks, you know, that swoon-inducing way that words just seem to rumble out of his perfect mouth. Or maybe it's the hair, because I've always had a thing for guys with longer hair. MMMmmmm. OR it could be the way he wields what would be, for a lesser man, a regular household tool. I'm thinking it's a combination of all these things. But whatever it is, KEEP ON DOING IT CHRIS, DARLING. Because we like the way our hearts beat a little faster when you're on screen.

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