Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Because this is how we all look when we look at him... *le sigh* (x)
Are words beyond "Colin Firth" really necessary? No. And while I can't really get (in)appropriately poetic about God's gift to women, I can't help blabbering incoherently about him. Because whenever you're feeling a bit down about love, about life, or whatever, all you have to do is think of Mr. Colin Firth and you'll have stars in your eyes and rainbow mush where your heart used to be. He first stole our hearts and ruined our lives with his definition-of-Victorian-swag exit from the lake in Pride & Prejudice, and, as this past weekend's re-watching overwhelmingly proved, his Darcy still has our silly-puddy hearts in palm of his hand. I'm sorry, I can't give you my number, I'm madly in love with Colin Firth! He just gives me ALL THE FEELINGS!!!!!! Whether he's in a reindeer jumper in Bridget Jones's Diary, learning Portuguese in Love Actually, stuttering in The King's Speech, or looking suspicious in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, one thing is clear: just like fine wine and our love for him, his looks and talent only improve with age. Oh, Darcy Colin! *heart-clutch*/*le sighhh*


  1. What a lovely photo you've chosen, and such a worthy subject for this honor!