Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday We're in Love!

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Mariah's Pick: I am highly susceptible to slightly cheesy TV shows, which is why I have to tell you all that you must IMMEDIATELY start watching Dance Academy (on YouTube or Netflix). The world of the students at the Australian National Academy of Dance is full of angsty, sometimes awkward, and heartbreaking teenage moments, plus a couple of pretty hot male dancers (I don't care, they're over 18!). So don't blame me when you spend all weekend making your way through seasons one and two, blame it all on FYA, they started it. 

Ali's Pick: My favorite thing this week has definitely been my MINI Cooper.  While Lois Lane might be "old news," I never get tired of cruising around the island with my sunglasses on and the windows rolled down.  She has proven herself to be the perfect beach car.  

Sally's Pick: Now I'm in Nice! I love the South of France with all its pastis, turquoise water, and laid back atmosphere. I bet you anything that, at this very moment, I am either sighing at Chagall's colorful paintings or frantically looking up flirtatious lingo as I hunt down a devilishly good looking waiter from past visits... guilty! 

Sarah's Pick: So, I felt like a bit of a celebrity this week.  I went to my first movie screening on Tuesday!  It was for Snow White and the Huntsman, which I was skeptical about because of my inexplicable dislike of Kristen Stewart, but I thought, "What the hey, it's free."  I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised, though there were some definite womp womp moments.  I can look over those moments though, because Charlize Theron is amazing and Chris Hemsworth and Sam Claflin are just...well, you know what they are.

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