Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday We're In Love!

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Sally's pick: I came home from France only to seriously wish myself back again with the much anticipated arrival of the first teaser for Les Mis. Those smarty pants went straight for my CREYES having the only voice over be the epic "I Dreamed A Dream," the first of many songs in this musical that make me bawl. my. eyes. out. Our charming Prince Eddie Redmayne, the remarkable Samantha Barks, the flawless Anne Hathaway, the incredible Hugh Jackman, and apparently the sassy Helena Bonham Carter... J'ATTENDS AVEC IMPATIENCE!!!!! 

Sarah's pick: I bought Season 2 of Sherlock this week, and I must say: best. purchase. ever. Seriously, how can you say no to the power to watch such the Cumberpatch-Martin genius any time you want?  You can't, I tell you!  I dare you to walk past it in the store without picking it up 

Mariah's pick: I've recently started reading Anne McCaffrey's BEYOND AMAZING series on the planet Pern and its brave dragon riders (yes, I realize this is probably the dorkiest sentence I have ever typed). All I can say is, I don't know why I waited so long to give it a go because it's got everything: a handsome and majorly cocky hero, a girl who starts with nothing and goes on to save her people, courageous and funny dragons, and a fantastical, fully-realized fantasy world. So if all those things sound like the bees knees, then I would say go pick up a copy of Dragonflight immediately and be prepared to swoon over F'lar and want to go kick butt with Lessa. 

Ali's pick: My favorite thing this week isn't a band, a new book or a fan flail; it is my new writing desk.  After many an evening spent writing/typing on the couch, on the floor, here there and anywhere, I am only too happy to have a real writing desk at which to sit and create.  The fact that it doubles as craft table and sewing station is just a bonus. 

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