Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday We're In Love!

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Mariah's pick: I would just like to say that I'm really not sure why the critics were so hateful towards John Carter, because I, for one, thought it was pretty freaking fantastic. Of course, I'm a girl, and this could be largely due to Taylor Kitsch's shirtlessness, but I choose to believe it was the Star Warsesque storyline and Lynn Collins' kick-ass Dejah Thoris that drew me in. So, if you've been on the line about whether or not this film is worth your time, I take your disbelief and raise you a shirtless Taylor Kitsch.

Sarah's pick: I saw Rock of Ages this week, and let me just say...EPIC!!! Normally, I really don't like Tom Cruise, but he blew my mind! Also, Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin should continue to do movies together until the end of time. Now, if you don't like 80s music then 1. what the hell is wrong with you? and 2. you will not like this movie. Of course, if you don't like 80s music, then you have bigger problems than the possibility of not enjoying this movie.

Ali's pick: Sometimes life requires a little bit of retail therapy and that has definitely been the case for me, lately. I finally had a day off last Sunday so I took advantage and purchased a brand new pair of TOMS to keep my feet happy this summer. They don't make a better pair of shoes than these; I might just go back and snag another pair to add to my collection this weekend. 

Sally's pick: On Father's Day I was dragged to participated in my first race ever, Dash4Dad. Running has never been something I've been particularly enthusiastic about, but the feeling of accomplishment I had when I crossed the finish line with my sister was unbeatable if not addictive. Besides, now that I know I can run 4 miles in good time, I'm really looking forward to The Color Run 5k this fall! Whoa... who am I?!

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  1. Mariah, you're killing me! Or rather, Taylor Kitsch's shirtlessness is killing me! I'm just DYING to see John Carter!

    Sarah, I'm still not sold on Rock of Ages even though I love 80s music... Look at Tom Cruise in that movie poster! Ugh.

    Ali, retail therapy is the best therapy!