Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Proposals Gone Right: In Review

Don't be sad, dear readers! Proposals Gone Right may be over, but that doesn't mean we can't look back and swoon over them to our hearts' content. I hope you've enjoyed living vicariously through these heroines as much as I have... ZOMG *GRABBY HANDS*! Now for the awards!

Get it, girrrrrrrl!!!! I mean... Ahem... When Mr. Tilney popped the question in Northanger Abbey, Catherine pushed him right into the shrubbery for a kiss. Safe to say that would have been my reaction to a T.

Oh Pocahontas, don't be shy! Christian Bale John Rolfe is offering you the moon in The New World! This proposal might be a little puzzling, but you can't help watching it again and again and again. While the first viewing might leave you looking slightly confused, the rest make you want to ball it up and sleep with it under your pillow as you dream of how beautifully this scene displays their complicated relationship.

When the music swells at the end of the proposal in Jane Eyre (2006), I inevitably start to whimper and slide off the couch into a puddle of starry-eyed goo. Naturally, I can't find the soundtrack anywhere. Bah!

When William Buxton blurts, "Peggy Bell, I love you! Will you please be my wife?" in Return to Cranford you just can't help but *swoon*. Who knew such a short and sweet proposal could be so attractive? Damn you and your voice and your decisiveness, Hiddles!

Eughhhhhh!!!!!! ALL THE FEELINGS!!! If Rochester proposed to me in this manner aka with a husky voice saying the most divine words ever stitched together, I would have fainted on the spot. Have a heart, Fassy! This scene in Jane Eyre (2011) is too much. But really... don't you find yourself using these phrases in every day life? I know I do! What? It's completely natural!
  • "Am I a machine without feelings?"
  • "I'm not speaking to you through mortal flesh; it is my spirit that addresses your spirit as if we'd passed through the grave and stood at God's feet equal- as we are."
  • "You are my equal and my likeness."
  • "It's you, you rare unearthly thing!"
  • "I must have you for my own." 

As last night's viewing can attest, as soon as I hear Mossie's opening lines from the one in Falling for a Dancer, my eyes well up with tears. Without fail. "I can think of nothing else except you since that first time I saw you sitting in your father's car. You were like an angel that first day or a child in a painting. You were wearing a blue dress with a big white collar. I had never seen any living creature so beautiful in my entire life. You came between me and my sleep that night... and every night since." I AM SOBBING JUST THINKING ABOUT IT! And then how Elizabeth basically asks if they can get married at the end of it? BAWLING.

Queen Victoria is obviously a bit nervous having to be the one to propose in The Young Victoria. But once Albert sees where the conversation is going, he jumps right in there and has her repeat a proposal back to him. They propose to each other!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhaaaaaaa *heart-clutch*! 

When Matthew finally proposed to Mary again in Downton Abbey, I bet you were screaming "YES!" before she did, weren't you? While we all knew what she would say in the end, she says, "You must say it properly. I won't say yes unless you kneel down and everything" first. It's such a light and funny moment after such a dramatic and drawn-out relationship and undeniably perfect. The girl wants what she wants and I love that!

 Ugh. I can't help myself! The moment in The Young Victoria when Albert snaps Victoria up in an embrace and buries his head in her shoulder after the long-awaited proposal is just too good not to go unmentioned. If I could choose any moment to be in the lady's shoes, it would be this one! My heart striiiiiiiiiiiiings!!!

There you have it! Now it's time to spill the beans...


  1. I don't feel I can vote because I haven't seen half of this (le gasp - I know, I am suitably ashamed *hangs head*).

    But I do love Jane Eyre and Rochester's proposal is quite thrilling (when you manage to forget that he's being a manipulative jerk). My favorite line of his: "Make my happiness, and I will make yours." Singed petticoats!! That confidence is you say, 'swoon-worthy'?

  2. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE! There are simply TOO MANY good choices. I mean, I'm sure arguments could be made in favor of any of them. I'm tempted to choose Cranford, because, HELLO HIDDLES! But, alas, I've never seen it, and I feel that would be cheating. I simply ADORE The Young Victoria so many FEELS. I'm sure though, in the end, that I'm just going to have to go with the new Jane Eyre. I don't think my choice even needs an explanation.