Thursday, June 21, 2012

Proposals Gone Right: The One That's Heart-Shocking

We end Proposals Gone Right with my absolute favorite. I know what you're thinking... You're thinking all these proposals were so unfathomably good that it would be impossible for me to actually choose between them. And while I do love each and every one of them, there is one that trumps the rest. Now before you go thinking I've saved Pride and Prejudice for last, let me go ahead and clear the air before the outcry... I consider that second declaration much more of a proposal gone implied (*braces self for a slew of rotten tomatoes*) and that is just going to have to be a series for another day! Anyway, here it is, the big one! Drumroll please...
Behold! The face of the luckiest girl on the planet!
It's from Falling for a Dancer. Sound familiar? You may remember it for having one of the worst proposals gone wrong known to mankind both on and off the page. So how can a guy who tried to let his cousin propose for him (as was custom, but still a romantic faux pas), who was then subjected to every foul name under the sun, redeem himself to the point of landing the most swoon worthy proposal gone right in the end? Well. After being in love with Elizabeth from afar some eight years, after screwing up his first proposal so royally, after more trials and tribulations- scandals! murders! runaway carriages! oh my!- than someone should have to handle in a lifetime, Mossie finally acquired something called perfect timing. Perfect being the key word. PER-FECT.

Fast forward to 3:30.
Mossie: I can think of nothing else except you since that first time I saw you sitting in your father's car. 
Mossie: You were like an angel that first day or a child in a painting. 
*hand over heart/whimpering* 
Mossie: You were wearing a blue dress with a big white collar.
Whyyyyyyyyyy does this line give me ALL THE FEELINGS?!?!
Mossie: I had never seen any living creature so beautiful in all my life.  You came between me and my sleep that first night- 
Ah! Ah! Ah! Processing emotions malfunction!
Mossie: -and every night since. 
Mossie: Because I fell in love with you, Elizabeth, completely and forever.
Elizabeth: God!
Mossie: Now, I'm sorry about the Johnny Thayde disaster, I really am. 
Mossie: But I thought I could maybe shock you into noticing me if I couldn't get through to you any other way. 
Bebeeeeeee!!!!! All cousin-meets-first-proposal misconduct is forgiven.
Mossie: Elizabeth, you're the only woman I've ever loved. But you wouldn't even look on the same side of the road I walked. 
Mossie: I thought if I could get you to marry me, by whatever means, we could work it out later.
You darling misguided man. ILU.
Elizabeth: Could we maybe work it out now?

Does this not give you ALL CAPS FEELINGS?! After years of keeping Mossie at bay, it's Elizabeth who suggests they get married. Sure, Mossie is leading up to it, but I love that after hearing this heartbreaking profession of since-the-moment-I-saw-you devotion, she can't wait another second. It's so fitting. They are finally finally on the same page and she's the one to say so. She finally cuts Mossie a break and let's him put a ring on it. I won't lie to you... thanks to certain youtube videos I shamefully watch in secret (but seriously... I've watched part one more times than I'd like to admit), this was the first scene I ever saw from Falling for a Dancer. As soon as I was exposed to this perfection, I couldn't rest until I watched their love story unfold from start to finish. There is just something about his recollection of every single detail, of his misguided attempts to win her over, of his nearly decade-long pursuit of her that turns my icy heart to chocolate fondue.

On a scale of meh to ZOMG *GRABBY HANDS*, I give this one an 'I AM GOING TO WEAR A BLUE DRESS WITH A BIG WHITE COLLAR FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE AS I FAINT INTO YOUR IRISH FARMER ARMS EVERY HOUR ON THE HOUR!' Ahem... whatever. Mossie loves me for who I really am, flaws and all! Oh sorry, I mean he loves Elizabeth. There is nothing he won't do for this girl to prove how much he cares. From the moment the story begins, Elizabeth's life goes up in flames in a constant state of turmoil and change. It seems she can't count on anyone or anything to stay constant in her life... except Mossie. While it takes years for her to come to this realization, while things have been said and done that they both regret, slowly but surely he has become her rock. The one thing she can truly rely on to always be true to himself and to her. Oh, Mossie! Sah-woon!!! *smelling salts*

P.S. I love Liam Cunningham. I love him. I love him. I love him... I love him.

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