Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Life ruiner! (x)
We've all been there. Your friend points out a cute guy at the bar for you and is flabbergasted when you shrug your shoulders. She asks you why and you say, "Ehh... He's no Alcide!" And while Joe Manganiello has had our undivided attention long before portraying the kind-hearted werewolf Alcide Herveaux on True Blood- like setting-unrealistic-standards-for-all-future-bartenders on One Tree Hill long ago- his gravely voice and scruffy looks still set our hearts ablaze like he's doing it for the first time even now. And who can blame us? He's the living embodiment of a mountain man! And in Magic Mike? Well... let's just say he's every woman's fantasy. Still, we can't help affectionately calling him Alcide 24/7. Because he makes a manly man with a you-can-always-depend-on-me persona so entirely believable, we're just going to keep right on believing! But finally, we just have to say it... We just like to look at him! *swoon*

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