Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday We're In Love!

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Sally's Pick: When I heard that Sophie Kinsella had a new book published, I should have starting running to the closest bookstore immediately. Because I've been reading I've Got Your Number this week, delightfully basking in the wonderful world of chick-lit that I've been a stranger to for far too long now. Sometimes you just need a feel-good summery read full of mishaps, laughs, inappropriate texts, and chemistry/PROXIMITY galore i.e. ILU, Sam Roxton!!!!!!!! xxxxxxx 

Sarah's Pick: It's almost the weekend yet again, and it could not have come soon enough.  Of course, I think I say that every week, and every week, it's as true as the last.  This weekend is not shaping up to be an exercise in broadening my sophisticated sensibilities.  Rather, it looks like it will continue to follow the trend I have created of hearty laughter from completely un-classy movies.  This week: The Watch.  Oh yes, Jonah Hill is hard to resist.

Ali's Pick: My sister recently introduced me to a very exciting artist.  Apparently, I missed him when he was the runner-up on the UK's X Factor a couple of years ago but I won't miss his album that comes out in September!  All you readers out there NEED a little bit of Olly Murs in your life; this adorably talented goofball has even earned himself a spot on my next mix.  

Mariah's Pick: I've had a couple of Giver's songs for aaaages now, and, finally, I've broken down and bought their debut album In Light in its entirety. And man oh man, it's going to be on repeat for a long time. Because when you have what sounds like the musical love child of Vampire Weekend and RaRaRiot, then there's no question I'm going to love it!

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  1. Oh Sarah... you'll have to tell me how it is! But I have a feeling I'll be saving that for Redbox.

    Ali, I swear I had every intention of listening to one of Olly's songs in full. But then I started thinking about UK X-Factor and inevitably ending up abandoning it halfway through to listen to One Direction's "Na Na Na" and fantasizing about time machines and running my fingers through their perfectly coiffed hair (BUT IT'S NOT WEIRD B/C SAID TIME MACHINE WILL TAKE ME TO THEIR 25 YEAR-OLD SELVES, OK?!)... :X

    Ooo Mariah! I really liked "Up Up Up!"