Monday, July 30, 2012

Golden Moments: The Olympics So Far...

Around here we love the Olympics, especially this year, since they're coming to us from the motherland of Victorian Swag, the United Kingdom. Besides the fact that there are suddenly hundreds of swoon-worthy men parading around our TV screens doing things like archery and horseback riding and fencing, we also love the over-all theatrical quality of the event. Which is why we simply couldn't let this recap opportunity pass us by. These are the top-ten Victorian Swag-worthy moments of the 2012 London Olympics thus far:

1) The first shot of the opening ceremony arena, complete with grassy hills, horses, sheep, a waterwheel, and little cottages straight out of The Hobbit. We're in heaven already!


3) The forging of the Olympic rings. Danny Boyle, you genius, you! We're talking spine-tingling, arm-rubbing chills and perhaps a little moisture at the corner of your eye, in other words, this moment gave us LOTS OF FEELINGS.

4) J.K. Rowling reading from Peter Pan. OUR.LIVES.ARE.COMPLETE. SERIOUSLY. 

5) Larger-then-life puppets of HE-WHO-SHALL-NOT-BE-NAMED, Cruella DeVille, Capt. Jas Hook, and the queen of hearts that are then banished into nothingness by the plethora of Mary Poppins' who descend from the sky holding the handles of their magical umbrellas. YES PLEASE.

6) And how could we forget the Queen's entrance with none other than Mr. Bond.

7) Then there were the fireworks to beat all fireworks.

8) Followed by an incredibly fabulous by Sir Paul McCartney, still knows how to rock a stadium.

9) Can we have a moment of silence for Ryan Lochte's flawless face gold medals for the US in swimming. 

10) And finally, we salute you, Boyd Martin, you may be ranked 13th in Equestrian, but you'll always be first in our hearts.

*image links: 12, 34, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

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  1. I'm still a little miffed that they managed to find real children, real nurses, and real doctors... but not real nannies. Tsk tsk.

    Otherwise, yes, I agree with 8/10 on your list!