Thursday, July 5, 2012

M'lady Mérida

Dear readers, I don't know about you, but I think it's high time we start giving shout-outs to the heroines we love most. Sometimes all it takes is a fleeting thought of one of their inspirational moments to get you walking a little taller or put a swing in your step. And since the King of these Victorian Swag lands is Sassy Fassy, you can bet that every girl we spotlight is full of wit and sass.
Fierce!! (x)
We start with the most recent addition to our clique of fictional females we want to be, Mérida, the sharp-tongued Scottish princess in Brave. First off, look at her impressive locks! Me thinks our King Fassy heartily approves of an envelope-pushing gingersnap (even her hair has a mind of its own!). How refreshing it was to see a Disney princess step out from the masses declaring, "I am Mérida, firstborn descendant of Clan DunBroch, and I'll be shooting for my own hand!" Because don't we all need a little reminder from time to time that we are enough on our own? Our hopes and dreams are worth protecting and fighting for and settling for anything less is simply out of the question. Of course she's hopelessly flawed, but that's precisely why she's so relatable and easy to root for. Still, she's "living proof" that we are the masters of our fate, which is fantastic. And, dare I say, brave? Even if you're the oldest person in the movie theater, this stubborn lady-to-be will have you fist pumping in your seat in no time! You'll be pulling out your phone faster than you can scream "bullseye" to call your mom and say, "I love you!" and maybe to Google nearby archery lessons...

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