Saturday, August 11, 2012

And may all your Sassurdays be... SASSY!!!

You are so beautifullll to meeeeeeee!!!!!!! (x)
Dear readers, 

As you all well know by now, we love our good King Fassy. We love the ALL CAPS FEELINGS his sharky smile gives us, a swoon worthy period piece with our tea, inspirational heroines, and an ever-growing list of fictional boyfriends. Basically, we love everything about Victorian Swag from melty chocolate eyes induced by Mr. Darcy to the smelling salts we bust out any time Prince Eddie graces the screen and, yes, even the arguments we get into over which adaptation of a classic is best. We have so enjoyed fan-flailing about all these things to you and hearing what you have to say. But with a busy fall creeping up on us, new jobs, and all the adult-life chaos Peter Pan won't seem to save us from (despite peanut butter cookie and thimble kisses bribes), we have come to the heart-breaking conclusion that it's time, for now at least, to say goodbye to the blog. We hate that this is so abrupt, but this week proved that as a group we simply can't produce the kind of material we want to be able to anymore. That being said, you can find us all on tumblr (see links below) and we'd love to stay in touch and simultaneously *heart-clutch* over Masterpiece Classic and Tom Hiddleston's face!

Thank you for being such a superb audience! We have truly enjoyed every moment of it.

Keep it sassy!


Ali, Mariah, Sally, & Sarah


  1. I'm so sad to hear that it's the end! Will you still keep the blog up, even if you don't update it? I'd love to be able to revisit posts!

    1. You are too sweet! We will, of course be keeping the blog up. After all, Sassy Fassy likes to read them in his smoking jacket on foggy evenings ;)