About the Authors

Sally, a displaced Southerner, lives in Baltimore where she wanders the streets at night, wailing for sweet tea. She first discovered she had a lot of FEELINGS around the age of eight when Anne Shirley traumatized her for life by turning down Gilbert Blythe not once, but twice (seriously, whyyyyy???). Epic battles with wanderlust and Peter Pan syndrome, which she loses 100% of the time, consume her daily life. Her daydreams tend to consist of Richard Armitage wearing plaid and confessing his love to her in the rain with that impossibly sultry voice in the Versailles gardens while "Lovin' Arms" by The Wood Brothers plays in the background... not that she's fantasized about it a lot or anything.

Mariah is a twenty-something from the deep South, where things like grits, biscuits, and the word “y'all” are every day occurrences. Her fondest and earliest memories involve many sleepless nights waiting for a one-way ticket to Neverland to alight outside her window. When she doesn't have her nose stuck in a book (which, to be truthful, is a majority of the time), she can be found in the kitchen cooking up exotic recipes, behind the lens of her camera, or on adventures with her trusty sidekick, Fletcher. Her one true ambition is to become a modern day Sherlock Holmes/Indiana Jones, but if that plan fails, she'll settle for marrying Mr. Darcy and retiring to a quiet life in the country.

Sarah is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary talent for imagining what life would be like as a heroine in one of Jane Austen’s novels.  She’s a bit of a gypsy, always missing France, England, Germany, or whatever country tickles her fancy at any particular moment.  Of course, there will always be time for tea (milk and sugar, please) and a chocolate biscuit.

After years spent traveling the country and the globe in pursuit of knowledge, graduate degrees, and the perfect waffle, Ali has found herself back in her native land of St. Louis, MO.  Thanks to the works of Laura Ingalls Wilder, Mark Twain and Jane Austen (combined with a truly Midwestern childhood) Ali developed a passion for pioneer stories, the muddy Mississippi, and the English countryside at an early age.  A typical day in her life includes time spent perfecting her ancient recipe for oatmeal cookies, forays into the photography world, an hour at the sewing machine and a cruise in Lois Lane (her aptly named MINI Cooper).   A lover of fine wines, teas, pies, and literature, Ali is looking forward to bringing her share of class (and sass) to the readers of Victorian Swag.